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Samantha and Judith, comparison

About The Band

In 1963 Judith Durham, a shy young Australian jazz singer, joined Keith, Bruce and Athol to form The Seekers and a legend was born. Within two years they were one of the biggest selling bands in the world.

Their music, and in particular the voice of Judith Durham, enchanted millions during the 60s and their recordings continue to charm fans, old and new, to this day.

Sounds Like The Seekers beautifully re-creates the joy of the original Seekers live shows. Samantha is one of the few singers who can convincingly emulate the purity and joy of Judith Durhams' voice. Along with 'Bruce', 'Athol' and 'Keith' they will delight you with all the big hits plus many more wonderful Seekers songs.

Sounds Like The Seekers: Our Band

Samantha (our Judith)


as Judith

Arthur Rathbone Pullen (our Keith)

Arthur Rathbone Pullen

as Keith

Owen Jones (our Bruce)

Owen Jones

as Bruce

Pete Aves (our Athol)

Pete Aves

as Athol

The Seekers

1964 - 1969

The Seekers in black and white


Judith Durham, Athol Guy, Keith Potger and Bruce Woodley were all born and raised in Australia. They came together, all in their early twenties, and formed The Seekers. Judith thought of herself as principally a jazz singer and pianist but found the folk/pop style of The Seekers fun in a different way.


An opportunity arose in 1964 to play their passage to London on a cruise liner intending to stay for 10 weeks.

They immediately got bookings around London, landed a recording contract and performed on the televised show Sunday Night at the London Palladium.


In 1964 they recorded I'll Never Find Another You (written by Dusty Springfield's brother, Tom) It was championed by the offshore radio station "Radio Caroline and reached No.1 in the U.K. and Australia, and No.4 in the United States. Tom Springfield became their resident producer and two hit albums followed in quick succession.

The Seekers in colour


Over the next few years, hit single followed hit single, including: A World of Our Own, The Carnival Is Over, Morningtown Ride, All Over The World, Island Of Dreams and of course, Georgy Girl.

Today they would probably be called a super-group for their huge popularity. For they regularly out-sold The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, etc. And in 1968, after just four years, their album Best Of The Seekers knocked The Beatles' White Album off of the  #1 place in the album charts.


In March 1967, The Seekers returned to Australia for a homecoming tour, which included a performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne, attended by an estimated audience of 200,000.
The following year, on Australia Day, the group was named joint 'Australian(s) of the Year'. 


1968 Judith Durham decided to leave the band to return to her first love: jazz. The group was officially disbanded in early 1969 following a farewell concert that was broadcast on British television to 10 million viewers.



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